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Research Public Adjusters Before Retaining Their Services – Not Afterward

Your Cost To Research Public Adjusters vs. The Wrong Adjuster

The only cost to you will be your time. Please keep in mind that not all public adjusters are educated to the extent others may be. There are many public adjusters who are highly qualified to handle specific sizes and types of insurance losses and others who have their own interests in mind and may jeopardize your claims. Take your time when researching the information necessary to make an informed decision on what and who will work in your best interest.

Before retaining any public adjuster you should; 1. conduct a careful and critical examination of all references for their legitimacy, 2. check for the adjusters’ errors, omissions and liability coverages, 3. Call the NYS-DFS to check the licensing status of the individual adjusters who will be handling your claims as well as the company names they are using/advertising

Confidential On-Line FOIL – Easy As Pie

The NYS-DFS FOIL Portal will allow you to conduct a confidential online request for the history of the individual adjusters and or company names they are using as well as any complaints or disciplinary actions on file.

You may be surprised by what you find.