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Hail Damage

What you need to know about Hail Damage

Hail damage is one of the most hotly contested perils in the insurance industry.  It is a fact that crooked contractors take advantage of policyholders, however, insurance carriers also retain the services of unsavory contractors a/k/a, “roofing & siding specialists” to unjustly minimize and or altogether deny policyholder damages. 

Carrier vendors are guaranteed a minimum per location payment even if they deny legitimate damages and when wide spread catastrophic hail events occur many unsavory vendors with unrealistic daily inspection rates make windfall profits. The added benefit for carriers is that these specialty vendors conveniently shield carriers from direct knowledge of wrongful denials.

Many unethical vendors conduct quick unscheduled site inspections without the policyholder’s permission. When confronted by these trespassers, agitated policyholders refrain from conflict in order to avoid injury to their claims, others are angered with news that their claims were denied after their property was accessed without their permission.

There are also independently licensed insurance adjusters who are either not skilled nor insured to walk a single and or a multi-story roof, so they conduct their inspection from what they can view through a camera lens at street level.

To add to the delema of unscrupulous roof specialists many carriers are now conducting roof inspections using drones, which cannot replace the current reliable physical inspections that can detect soft spots and determine if wind blown roof tabs were lifted or, if critical areas, e.g. transition joints, parapets and flashing just to name a few of the many roof areas and or, types of material involved is your roofing system were compromised.

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