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CPAC COVID-19 Notice


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the directors at CPAC want you to know that although more stringent rules will apply concerning distancing and communications, for decades our employees, associates, and vendors operated under extreme/hazardous conditions such as fire off-gassing, mold, asbestos, and bio-hazardous food or crime scene blood born contamination well before the COVID-19 outbreak.

When reviewing our site you will discover several posts/blogs with photographs of individuals protecting themselves even in very light situations at the end of mitigation.  As our site explains we know what it is like to be enveloped in full protective gear using high-grade respirators for hours under extreme heat and frigid conditions and we adjust our protection to safe levels as the mitigation progresses while using commercial HEPA air scrubbers, (negative air not COVID proof) and certified full face mask/respirators to protect us against airborne particulates during the heaviest of (non-COVID) times while taking care to properly document your losses.

In other words, we are used to donning heavy gear when spending days sifting through and photo-documenting your damaged items.

The only major difference with COVID-19 will be keeping our distance from other parties who schedule a visit to inspect your loss while applying our standard security restrictions to unknown/unscheduled persons except insured’s who we expect will fully cooperate with our safety protocols.

Thanking you in advance for keeping everyone safe during your additional misfortune.