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Public Adjusters Fight For Your Rights

Public Adjusters can only represent policyholders. Besides adjusting, negotiating, and settling your insurance claims a public adjuster will protect your financial interests by keeping you compliant with the complex terms, conditions and contractual requirements in your insurance policy. Failing to file time sensitive obligations can void a claim in part or whole.

Injury to Your Claims

If you have a loss under $50,000.00 you may only forfeit a small to moderate percentage of your benefits by going it alone. If your losses are in the hundreds of thousands, by the time you realize the damage to your claim it may be too late for a do-over, especially if your carrier’s restoration vendors already disposed of your property.

Public Adjuster Views on Inheriting the Liability of Spoiled Claims

Depending on how far along your claim is, most public adjusters don’t get involved with reviewing and negotiating poorly settled or damaged claims.  Incompetent insurance adjusters, their vendors, and their unwary policyholders can wreak havoc on a well-founded claim. As an example, if most of your property (evidence) was disposed of you may not be able to support the values you want to dispute. You may be stuck with decisions you unintentionally agreed to.

Additionally, since laws prohibit public adjusters from charging fees on already paid claims most public adjusters won’t engage in a fight without supporting documentation for your claims.

Without full control over a claim from its inception most public adjusters will not risk time-consuming battles already lost. 

You should never “go it alone” especially on large loss claims. Over the years, we’ve represented many attorneys, sitting judges politicians and insurance company claims adjusters who knew it was unwise to negotiate their own large loss claims.

Don’t go it alone.

Conflicts of Interest Representing Policyholders

Regardless of what impression you glean from multi million dollar insurance advertisements, no insurance carrier and or its adjusters can legally represent a policyholder’s interests in the negotiation and or settlement of an insurance claim, it is an absolute conflict of interest!  As well, pursuant to a written assignment of policyholder insurance benefits, contractors and restoration firms / vendors can only negotiate with insurance carrier’s for the fees a policyholder assigns to them for the work they perform, however, no such party can represent a policyholder in an insurance loss without a public adjusters license.

Unlicensed & Unlawful Adjusting Practices

Without a public adjuster, broker or law license persons are prohibited from settling policyholder property claims for profit. Even attorney’s regularly engage in the practice of adjusting property insurance claims for a living require a public adjusters license.  Unless representing you in the regular course of other business, or an insurance litigation your attorney will likely advise you to hire a public adjuster to settle your property claims.