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emergency communications

We Are Satellite Telecom Ready

CPAC recognizes the need to be ready for emergency communications with our clients and their carriers.  Due to recent weather events interrupting earth-based communications in the United States CPAC invested in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Satellite Voice and Data Communications equipment, which proved to be a blessing when our clients suffered wide-area communications blackouts.

Our SuperStorm clients were able to reach our adjusters by visiting FEMA tents that were equipped with similar communications equipment, which placed their claim filings well ahead of other claimants.

With our offices in unaffected regions combined with our Mobile Command Center (MCC), our adjusters were able to communicate with insurance carriers headquartered within the United States and Europe.

Over the past 40 years, our firms’ owners invested in the latest communication technologies including but not limited to LEO Satellite Voice and Data services. These unique services bypassed the need to rely on local telecommunications carriers whose clients were stranded for weeks on end causing their claims to become backlogged for months.

While many local public adjusting firms were dealing with their own damages and business interruptions CPAC’s adjusters were filing claims well ahead of our competition using telecommunications equipment and remote and mobile assets that placed our clients well ahead of our competitor’s filings.

The combination of 85+ toll-free, local and satellite phone and data services deployed in remote and mobile configurations gives CPAC the communication edge during catastrophic events. We Are Telecom Ready To Service Your Needs.


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